Windows Mail - Can't delete files in "Deleted" folder in Vista

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Windows Mail - Can't delete files in "Deleted" folder in Vista

I have a client who uses his "Sent" folder in Windows Mail as his filing system and he refuses to consider any other way to work.
The problem is, other than he works this way, is that he cannot delete e-mails in his "Delete" folder in Windows Mail in Vista. He has messages stuck that contain an error message stating that he has low memory, (I don't have the exact error message unfortunately) when in fact his computer has plenty of memory.

I was able to clear out his messages in his Outbox which were also stuck by downloading and running WinMail.exe and WMutil. I tried right clicking on the Delete folder and "emptying Deleted Items" folder and it didn't work.

And I tried using WinMail.exe and that didn't work either.

Since he uses his "Sent" folders as his filing system I don't want to do anything to risk corrupting or losing those files while deleting the ones in his "delete" folder.

If I follow the instructions for Resetting Windows Mail
can I do that safely?

Appreciate any help you can give me.