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Windows Media Player (from v.10 to v.11)

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hi TobiF, dayen, & OH Smeg:)

thanks TobiF for the link about the codec but i guess it's only applicable for Windows 7. so sad that i'm really trying to manipulate how to overcome all this, shall i say a little setback. please advise if ever their are codecs related to Win Server 2003 SE SP2.

and dayen, looks like we have experienced the same situation. i hope you can share immediately and post it in here if you find some solutions.

well, perhaps OH Smeg is right that it's not advisable for Server Product to function as a Desktop Application.

however, i'm a little bit confuse since it has already Windows Media Player v.10 so it might be upgradeable either as part of Windows-updates or some 3rd party software.

in fact, other OS of MS Windows has already updated from the older version of it's media player to the current version which is now Windows Media Player since it might be to expensive or costly to change the OS just to adopt the newer version of media player.

hoping additional info will be shared in here:)