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Do you already have a inventory tool for your network that would actually give you what is installed on said machines deployed as well as give you a hardware breakdown too?

If not, you might want to take a look at Spiceworks. Spiceworks has the everyday IT features you need:

* Automatic PC and software inventory and IT asset reporting to simplify your job.
* Network monitoring and troubleshooting to keep things running smoothly.
* An IT help desk for your company that's easy to use and the fastest-growing IT community.


NOTE: The only platforms that can't be inventoried are XP Home and Vista Home Basic or Premium releases. Spiceworks uses the Windows WMI interface to pull the data and have it saved locally for reporting needs.


Another application you can use is called Belarc Advisor ( The only limit with it, however, is that it has to be run per machine to actually see the product key used, what it's current version is, etc.

-- Michael