Windows Server 2003 DNS Setting

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Windows Server 2003 DNS Setting

Jimmy Chan 1979
Hi all,

After readed some book about DNS Server, now I try to make one, but I am feeling confuse after I need host multi domain with only one IP on the same server.

So, now I capture the screen of the DNS setting on my two domain, if I setting wrong, hope who can correct me.

My main Domain Name server's host name is ns1. it only one IP

And I have two domain name now. One is, the other is

Here are my first setting of the main domain

I don't know which one is the correct setting, here are the same setting, but with ALL IP

Compare with the maindnssetting001.JPG and maindnssetting002.JPG, I am confuse on here, if only one IP on my case, using maindnssetting001.JPG is setting right or maindnssetting002.JPG is the right setting?

Here are the main domain's Reverse Zones for the IP 192.168.0.x

Second domain of setting

if the also host other domain on the same DNS server, like above screen capture, host the at the same DNS Server. On my case, only one IP, which one setting is right? subdnssetting001.JPG or subdnssetting002.JPG

After anyone give me a explain or real example, I can using his/her example to host other domain at the same DNS server with ONE IP.

Thank for your time.