windows xp installation problem

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windows xp installation problem

I am having problems while installing windows xp on my computer.after booting and getting the message that windows is starting up the blue screen of windows xp setup appears and after that i get three options: windows xp setup press R f3 to quit and restart the system.

i select the first option..system demands windows xp service pack 2 c.d. to be inserted in the cdrom drive and press enter...i follow..the cd starts reading and after that the system keeps on showing the blue screen further progress in installation.

please tell me what to do..if i go for repair by pressing R system asks administrator password which i have not set on my computer..actually there is no password...what should i do?
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Hi there,

This sounds like a hardware issue. Please download memtest and get a hard drive diagnostic tool from the website of your supplier. You could also using a different XP CD.

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Is this a new PC or old bits nailed together?
Is this a new install or repair install?
If theres no password assigned just use blank, then you may be able to perform repair
If theres any doubt about the hardware try to use a live CD to test it
see if that helps

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If this is just a reinstall on an existing system, you could have a RAM problem or you might be experiencing the Intel Prescott cache issue.

If this is a new build, nearly any piece of hardware might be the problem.

Most of the time, when I run into XP install problems it turns out to be the RAM. Even if the RAM passes the BIOS POST RAM test, it still might not be up to working with Windows and the actual chip-set driver.

If you have multiple RAM modules installed, it is best if they are all of the same speed and density.

Also, if there are multiple plug-in cards, start your Windows install with just the video card in place. Add the other cards in 1 at a time AFTER the chip-set and video drivers have been installed.