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Windows XP Pro Activation w/o CDs or original product key?

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Deadly Ernest

program called RockXP - file is rockxp.exe - which has some great tools for fine tuning Win Xp performance and also includes a tool whereby you can change the registration key of the installed software. I used it several times where someone had a valid licence for Win XP but their install discs were damage or unfindable. I used my valid XP discs to reinstall the software, loaded RockXP, changed the registration key from the one I used to do the install (my key) to their key, went on-line and did the activation and updates, no troubles at all. The only issue here is that in each case I was using my Win XP Pro to rebuild XP Pro systems and Win XP Home to rebuild XP Home systems, don't know how it'll go with a XP Pro install and a XP Home key.