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Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

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I have had this Problem, with an IBM NetVista, using an Intel MotherBoard with an Ambios Bios Chip.
I went through the same Process Trying to Figure it all out, and talked to a bunch a people about it.

I was Convinced it was a Messed up Bios Driver. But the people at Ambios assured me that it was not the Bios Drivers and they insisted that it was Intel's Motherboard Device Drivers which could not be detected by XP. So what you have to to is First get the Motherboard Model numbers and Manufacturer. Then you have to use a different Computer to Download the Device Drivers for that Motherboard. Then when you are installing XP there is a Place where is Says "Click to install RAID Drivers" I think you can use this to Install your Motherboard Drivers prior to the Setup of XP.

Check with the Motherboard Manufacters.
But I decided with the Computer I had this Problem with that I would just Buy another Motherboard. I Found a used Server motherboard at Evertek for only $40 bucks, and I can stick 2 1 GHz Chips in there and have Twice the machine with half the Problems I had before.

I recommend junking the Motherboard, but that's just me. I would rather support companies that make my life easy than to Pull my hair out trying to make Garbage Work right.

I hope this helps you.