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Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

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I just remembered I had another Computer a long time ago that had a Problem like this that would kick off the CD Rom Drive at the Driver installation point in the Set up Process which would cause it to Freeze up.

I Fixed this Problem by first enabling the Bios Virus Detection in the Cmos, and it detected a Virus. I then Scanned the Computer from a Clean Boot by shutting off the Computer and sticking in a clean Floppy made with a Clean Computer, containing Mcaffee Rescue software on it, and it detected and cleaned the MIB Virus which is embeds itself in Track Zero of the Harddrive, but it also can reside in the Memory so it can copy itself to any Floppy or any other Drive you have. But if you shut off the Computer it wipes it from the Memory. Then you Boot with a Mcaffee Disk and you can clean it. For more info about this Virus visit the Mcaffee Website.

I hope this Helps.