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Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

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Good Old Dog

have a truly clean system. Remove the power supply plug and open the case. Disconnect ALL unneeded devices such as a 2nd CD drive and your floppy drive (if you have one). Remove any PCI network cards, sound cards, USB adaptors and modems from the motherboard. Disconnect ALL printers, scanners, speakers, hubs etc. You want to have keyboard, monitor and mouse only hooked up for an install. Boot the machine and hit the required key to enter your BIOS. Make sure the time is correct and the BIOS sees your CD drive and hard drive. Disable ALL Serial Ports (Com1,2 etc.), Parallel Ports (LPT1), Lan, Audio, Game and Midi Ports and Raid Controllers to avoid possible conflicts. Re-enable these after O/S install as/if required.
Set the Boot Order: Your CD drive as 1st device and your hard drive as 2nd.
Insert Windows XP Disc and exit the BIOS saving your changes.
At the first Boot Screen, keep tapping the F5 key to select the correct HAL for your motherboard/CPU combination (Windows sometimes messes this step up). Usually it is ACPI or Multi-Processor ACPI for Intel Hyper-Threading/Core2 Duo and AMD Dual-Core Processors. Use your arrow keys to select. Follow the on-screen prompts and make sure you do a FULL FORMAT not a Quick Format.
When you have finally booted into Windows make sure you install your chipset drivers before ANY other drivers.

Good Luck