winword.exe process won't die without assisted euthanasia

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winword.exe process won't die without assisted euthanasia

Anthony Rice
Hi everyone

I'm running remote desktop based WYSE thin clients with server-based application access and have been noticing that the winword.exe process on occasion refuses to die and just sits there using around 25% CPU even when the program has ended. If I don't manually kill it other winword.exe processes follow suite over the day and suddenly I have Word using 100% of the CPU.

I've done a fair number of hours research on this issue today and I can tell you the following information:
* I am running Office 2003 Professional with optional 2007 conversion pack.
* I am not running Outlook (it's not even installed)
* The server has twin 1.6GHz Twin Xeon CPUs
* The server has 16GB of RAM
* When the winword.exe service doesn't go rogue on me the 67 thin clients work effortlessly so RAM and CPU are not wanting.
* the version of Word 2003 is (11.5604.5606)
* I run McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8 in the background and have scanned with SpyBot so I doubt it is anything nasty (except perhaps erroneous code.)

Any help would be appreciated