Wireless cable router range boost via 2 ADSL routers?

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Wireless cable router range boost via 2 ADSL routers?

I have Wild Blue internet service, which is routed through cable coax lines, and am in need of a way to increase my wireless range to my neighbor's (see also: father-in-law) house. We happen to have two ADSL modems/routers, from CenturyLink, which are capable of wireless repeating (acting as the Base as well as the Repeater), but the cable modem doesn't have wireless repeating capabilities that I've been able to discover. I have been racking my brain trying to figure-out a way to extend the range of our wireless cable modem/router, and hoped the two ADSL routers might be of some use, but can find no solution that doesn't entail the purchase of an enexpensive Wireless-N router to be used at the repeater via an ethernet connection to my cable modem. If anyone could help me find a way to get this task accomplished with my existing hardware, or if that isn't possible point me in the direction of a relatively inexpensive device that would allow me to, I would be Most appreciative. Thank you.


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need a lot more information to answer this. how far apart are the homes?
any obstructions between homes? what are they built of - wood/siding, brick, what?

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I strongly recommend that you check the terms of your Wild Blue service agreement.

I suspect that you will find that it violates the terms to share your connection with another residence.

Also keep in mind that with more than one user, it will be very easy to hit the Wild Blue data cap.

That said, you left out a critical factor. How far apart are the two houses?

For any distance of more than 100 feet, I would use a focused narrow beam antenna system. Yes, you need a clear line of sight and need to aim the antennas. But, you limit who you are sharing your signal with.