Wireless Connectivity (from my PC) is always down?

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Wireless Connectivity (from my PC) is always down?

(WIndows 7 Ultimate 64x)

Hello team,

I am having problems with my PC with the wireless connectivity. At the moment the PC is running on the wireless. I installed a TP-Link hardware (wireless) inside the pc - so I don't have to run a ethernet wire from the router to my PC.

I also installed the software TP-Link which came with the hardware in the packet to my computer as well.

However each FIRST time I boot up my PC, the wireless icon (right bottom on my taskbar) has a red x on it. Meaning there is no connectivity. So I reboot the PC again then it shows. This is what I normally do every now and then.

1st Step - start the PC (no wireless)
2nd Step - restart the PC (there's wireless).

Also wIth the 1st step (no wireless) - I usually then go to the Device Manager and check if I'm able to see the Wireless Adapters installed there - what I see is only nothing and I see the yellow mark of Ethernet (the pc is telling me to install the Ethernet utility). But I have already installed (very frustrating) the ethernet utility and the the early stage when I built my PC

And so the second step...when I restart the PC - I was able to acces my network and so if I go to Device Manager > Network Adapters (I was able to see the following > Atheros AR5007G Wireless Network Adapter and Realtek PCIe GBE Family COntroller.

There is a yellow mark (Other devices) for PCI Simple COmmunications Controller...

I am wondering now why do I have to restart everytime I log into to my PC just to acces the network (or to get my wireless going).

Please help....

Many thanks