Wireless Printing

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Wireless Printing

I've got 3 laptops around my home. I've got a Lexmark printer I currently use but have to plug in when I want to print.

I want to add something to my printer so i can print without plugging in. Someone suggested a "Wireless Router" but I not familar with how this works. I purchased the router and after installing it, did not work.

Any suggestions on what to do or what to buy.

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The basic assumption is that you have wireless capabiltiy in the laptops.

What model of printer do you have? It is unlikely that it is a network ready model.

A wireless router provides two functions.
1. It provides a shared accessto a highspeed internet connection (DSL/Cable). This access is shared to all the computers connected to the router.

2.A wireless router usually has RJ-45 ports for connecting wired computers over ethernet same as a wired router and has a wireless access point built in so you can connect to the router from a PC equipped with a wireless network card without using a cable.

In order to print to the Lexmark printer over the "router" actually over the network, the Lexmark has to be connected to the network in some fashion.

Basically you need a Print Server that connects between the network and the printer. This device can be either wired or wireless. Since you have already purchased a wireless router, you should consider a Wireless Print Server. This will allow you to place the printer in a convenient location without having to worry about a cable from the printer to the router.

Make sure you purchase a device with a compatible connection for the Lexmark printer. If the Printer uses USB you need a USB print server, if it prints through a parallel port you need a Print Server with a parallel port.

Try to purchase one with an RJ-45 connector for a wired connection as well as the wireless antenna. This can make configuration much easier.

For example:

Linksys WPSM54G Wireless Print Server - 54Mbps, 802.11b, USB 2.0