WSUS updates

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WSUS updates

Dear All, We have two separate VLAN [ VLAN1 and VLAN 2]and each VLAN has it's own Active Directory Server. I have installed wsus server in VLAN 1 and i want all the desktops in VLAN 2 and AD2 to fetch the updates from VLAN1 & AD1. How i do configure? Both the subnets can talk to each other.

I am applying wsus clients through GPO and VLAN1 is getting updates from wsus server without any problem.

But my VLAN desktops are not getting displayed in my wsus server. I have pointed the wsus intranet location to VLAN 1 wsus server in VLAN 2 AD server GPO. But still desktops are not getting displayed.

Kindly help.