XP Setup to SSD with Slipstream CD

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XP Setup to SSD with Slipstream CD


I have a problem with an XP installation on a SSD. SATA controller is Silicon Image Si3512, SSD is an Intel SSD 320 Series 40GB.

A F6 installation method works fine on this SSD. Then I have integrated the drivers with XP-Iso-Builder into a XP SP3 installation CD. The SSD is recognized, however, the formatting stops at 20%. If I format the SSD external, the installation fails while copying the files. Do I use the same slipstreamed CD with a normal HDD, the installation of works fine.

Does anyone have any idea what exactly is going wrong?


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A good way to install XP on any sata drive (ssd, hdd, whatever) is to set the bios to compatibility (or ide) mode, install xp, install sata drivers, then set the bios to ahci (or sata) mode. Otherwise, xp can bork on format.

Upgraded bios?

Some motherboards are picky and need the primary disk to be in first sata port (SATA 0) or there are timing issues.

If used as an external drive, sometimes the enclosure needs more power (e.g. USB y-cable or separate power supply).