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XP SP3 varifies every driver and boot program?!!

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OH Smeg

With 756 MEG of RAM on a SIS M'Board with AC97 Sound.

It went smoothly without any problems and I'm not getting any Driver Requests to confirm that I want to use them even on the AC97 Sound Drivers which are Not Digitally Singed with M$.

I've installed M$ Office 2003, Word Perfect 12, Corel Draw X4 and a bunch of utilities and haven't got any requests to approve the installation of any software or hardware.

Over all it looks smooth with no real problems.

Just for your Information I slipstreamed SP3 to the XP Volume License CD with nLite I didn't add any Drivers including the SATA Driver and installed it as if the machine was new on a Blank Wiped HDD. I applied the ASUS Drivers for the M'Board after XP with SP3 was installed and to be quite honest on this hardware it looked like a conventional install with no differences.

I hope that is of some assistance to you.