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XP to Mandriva

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My first download livecd on a 7yr old pc Intell p4 1.5 chip c ati, 180g hd 750mem 5200rpm, This system i put together for the Linux and it just would not run properly, I would get to the mandriva screen install from cd then it would freeze up, that was running from cd.

My second download of Linux-one-live-dvd-kdb, AMD 64extreme 3.0 dual core, upgraded mb, dual nividia sli cards, 1960x1600 hd/ws monitor, 180g 5400rmp hd, sblaster pro, xpro..

If it was not for the included partition manager in Mandriva I would have had problems, it helped me understand partion management, seperating my xp system. I gave me enough chocies and was p&p friendly, it was at 80g so I shrunk it to 40g and split the partition installing Linux-one on the empty partition, (i now see the boot option on start-up, sweet!) and made my install on my hd smooth.
The sound, the look, the feel of Mandriva was an experience that left me in awe. I will never forget, i love it!

My initall install on the old system was a nightmare, this install on Live-dvd-i586kdb went without errors, I easily found the start menu and started installing the 25 patches Im guessing for security reasons, started finding additional apps to install for the upgrade to Mandriva Spring i586-dvd.

Not for the beginner but a much smoother install from the redhat days. I now understand Linux more, Linux is my favored os now.
I easily found drivers/apps for running additional software like (kaffeine, i have problems playing dvd movies with this app i get errors alot it wont play movies), Kaffeiene also has a sound break when playing any dvd/cd/mp3-4,) MoviePlayer same issues! sometimes movieplayer plays without a hitch.

Wireless card, this is an issue, Linux cant seem to find my windows driver for wg54 pcmia card. Im researching this.

Thanks for the help and suggestions, I am sold on Linux. Windows at work linux at home!