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XP to Mandriva

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Love it, Love it, Love it.
Thanks people for the wonderful input. good by xp, full install Mandriva.

I was having issues with the screen refreshing very choppy running a slideshow wallpaper, It caused the screen icons to flicker badly, so i figured i would try to have mandriva use the seperate drivers for the dual nvidia 7200go cards, (i switch from the default drivers to the other choice, cant remember the name but i think it was x10 drivers, anyways after that the screen drivers didnt work and so after nvidias bootup wallpaper i got a white screen. so i was locked out and didnt know commands for changing driver so i reinstalled full live cd.

That software packet sniffer snort or snoop, i installed that then all **** broke loose, It would auto runn at boot, never showed an install and i could not locate the installed software or shut it down, It showed Failed error on shut down or boot up.

Mandriva wont find my audio jacks either so Im relying on the headphone jack for external speakers, anyone know a fix for this. soundblaster audigy. Thanks..Im hooked.