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XP to Mandriva

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Neon Samurai

I'm using the default "do you wish to use the proprietary X driver" for nVidia but the 8800 GPU probably compensates for any lag in the driver in my case. Drivers for any OS can be flakey though so check them out. I'd recommend keeping a copy of your X config file.

/usr/X11/X.conf? (I can confirm when I'm infront of my machine).

When I was mucking with ATI X drivers, I kept a backup of the initial working X config file then just copied it back over the original file if a driver change broke X beyond starting up.

No the benefit/challenge is that distributions come with a huge selection of software. Snort, may be a bit industrial for your needs. It's a great intrusion detection program but it's not known for being easy to setup; there's a reason business info security people set this stuff up.

If your just looking to grab network packets (for confirming your network config setups of course), take a look at Wireshark or the "Monitoring" software category in your rpmdrake (er, drakerpm?.. one of those) and you should find five or six sniffers of various levels.

If you are of the IDS caliber of computer user then I'd recommend installing VMware Server 2 (grab the beta, it's good enough for home use and getting better). Any time I want to check out a different distribution or some bit of software, I just through it on a VM and have a look. There's no install/uninstall effects on my physical machine. I also get to try five or six different offerings and choose what program works best for me before adding it too my regular install.

That last bit is a Windows habbit developed after breaking too many installs with install/uninstall for a quick look at some new program in passing.

As for not finding where snort got installed. It depends on the type of program. You could find it under /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin or more likely /etc/init.d/snortd since it runs as a deamon (Service in the windows world).

Most likely, you'll have another look at it in a month, realize what tripped you up and be stunned that it was so obvious once you figured it out.

I just upgraded from an Audigy2. Confirm that you have alsamixer or alsamixergui installed. The second is X, the first is cli. I've always had to un-mute the master volume with the Audigy2. My new audio was included on the mobo but it's 7.1 and supported so I had no reason continue the Audigy2 use.

If it's that your getting sound out of your front speaker port but not side or back speaker ports then look for how to enable Audigy 5.1 or a similar fix. "Mandriva Creative Audigy no sound linux" may work for a search. When Mandriva setup my sound support, it asked if I wanted to enable 5.1 speakers but that may be something at the driver level asking not Mandriva hardrake.