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Well, you did well by finding what we call the trenches/water cooler/off topic forum. Don't let it illustrate the validity of this site though. There are many well versed and extremely high skilled people here with more than valid IT knowledge and opinions. Having roamed the IT websites for decades, this is where the true pros hang out (myself excluded!!!).

The water cooler (this off topic forum) was created for people to chat about literally anything, well, with some PC restrictions of course. We will *****, argue and call each other names, within reason. It's a mish-mash of anything UNRELATED to IT.

As for the OTHER forums, nothing but invaluable information for an IT Pro or Newbie, the help and support I've found here is simply second to none, run and tell all your friends!

Q&A is a great forum if you have technical issues, people REEEEEEALLY know their stuff and are so helpful. I've had people send me CDROMs to overcome issues, offer late night help by peer emails etc. I simply couldn't speak highly enough of them. Then those same people will call you an idiot and argue until blue in the face regarding what colour rain really is or if bicycles should have V6 engines. It's a madhouse but a fun house and an educational institute all wrapped into one.

Roll up the sleeves, get out the soapbox and welcome to TR, "is it bloody worth it? YES IT IS!!! "