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Only good for about 75 KPH or so I'm told as I refuse to ride it because it totally different to ride. When you think you have to turn a corner just the thought causes the thing to turn. Of course the fact that the front wheel doesn't stay on the ground whenever you open the go grip doesn't help.

I do like the way that some laugh till the rider says 125 K per liter and that makes them start to ask questions like where can I get one? OH and it has a 2.5 Liter tank so you have a decent distance per tank.

I do ride this one but as it only has 8 gears that transfer the engine power to the rear wheel it's not good for much above 80 KPH though it is stable and finding tires for it that are not going to fail at that speed isn't easy.


OH because it's geared and unlike the Dragster has more than 1 gear ratio it gets even better fuel consumption. I'm not sure just how accurate the speedio actually is but it's telling me that I'm getting 150 Kilometer per liter.

I'll not mention just how much fun it is to ride either. :^0