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I want one. Well I could make on up I guess, just haven't been doing many cars lately, besides my own, too busy.

What freaks me out though is those handle bars and front forks, over 15-20MPH and that would be one **** of a scary ride indeed. Wobble wobble AAAAAARGH! Rake the handlebars and forks and it should ride well though, if you lean forward far enough to keep the wheel down.

The second bike is just freakin' cool! I remember as a teenager we built stuff like that all the time, generally with fat minibike tires or go cart frame. I think kids today would just feel ripped off if it didn't come brand new with shiny stickers on it though, no creativity or pride in craftsmanship in today's society at all.

Stallar wheels though, I gotta make it over and have a run on one, if my insurance premiums cover it. Then again I could build one for less than my insurance premiums. Hmmm, weekend project? Wonder if I have a little Y Zinger 50CC from an 80's Yamaha around still?