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Though in both cases the Engines are Chinese and designed to bolt onto Bikes. The one in the dragster was a Try Out as it's a different engine to what I generally use see it's not Black. :^0

http://www.mbbimports .com.au/

While that is in AU I'm sure that you can find a supplier in Canada or even buy from E Bay.

The Jack Shaft Kit that uses the Bikes Gears is a US set of bits that came from Sick Bike Parts

http://www.sickbikeparts .com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=j6fgl7tvga2q2uom5tt4jtvt53

Other than chains being more than a bit fragile it's a great setup. I'm currently trying out several different chains to see which works best but I can guarantee that the standard Shamino Chains should be avoided. Mine lasts OK but the Wifes Son managed to break one after less than a day in a big way and another before he got back home after starting it.

OK so I grabbed the Chain Breaker and fixed the chain but it broke on a link that wasn't the joining link before it went very far at all.

They are lots of fun though and there are 3 of them here so your welcome.
edited to add don't forget to remove the space in the URLs for working links. :0