Can somebody at TR tell us what is happening?

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Can somebody at TR tell us what is happening?

I wish we knew what was going on behind the scenes with this colossal train wreck of an upgrade, so we could know whether we should show anger, pity, or maybe can even help.

This sounds like a crazy idea, but clearly there are some technical issues with this site and maybe those who are unable to fix these things could maybe post a question in some sort of online forum to seek help?

Something like "we got rid of the captcha since everybody hated it, now forum posts get triplicated or sometimes replicated as much as ten times...is this a load-balancer issue, something with the app, or a web server issue?"

What they could do is outline the problem in part of some sort of 'Questions' forum, and maybe seek the advice of the few die-hard IT folks like myself who are too obsessive compulsive to give up on TR just yet.