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Catch Business Name?

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Well i must of forgot to ask all that information when asking for some catchy terminology help on a website about technical subjects.. i'm sorry this confused you, i will explain.

As for writing a website i can design and code my own websites along with my brother who owns his own very successful graphic design/web development company. So two of your answers have already been answered there as that part of my marketing is covered.

Next is more marketing, ideas of starting off small and approaching people are meetings, groups going to houses and business offering business cards and detailing what type of services i can offer, the smallest and unthought of ideas have come to mind dont worry i've spoke to and thought with various owners about their marketing schemes. Got that bit covered too.

So to sum up your reply i've got everything mapped, thought and planned out to precise detail. The only bit im struggling on is a name that can become catch and i've seen posts from other people (guessing you haven't stumbled across their posts) of people asking for catchy names..

To be frank, the solutions they got werent great such as CompWiz or IT-Man didnt offer much reassurance that this website would offer a solution but as with my marketing ideas any small oppurtunity can always help.