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You completely missed my point as you took up defense, and yes I've seen many such posts before, which is exactly why I offered the comments I did.

Whether your brother is a very successful web designer or not, that doesn't mean anything with regards to website MARKETING as opposed to website design and creation. It would be VERY odd to see those skills combined with just one person, very odd as they require completely different mental traits.

That's why most web designers fail at SEO, besides the more common muck that everyone puts out as an attempt at SEO.

But if you are so well connected and set for your bright future, again all the power to you and there's money to be made, but you will be able to rally one of your close personal contacts in the appropriate field to help I'm sure.

I write copy and create ad campaigns, logos, tag lines, promotional materials, global marketing etc.
I'd be happy to help, for the right price, but your post clearly explains how you have enough connections to do so without help, especially from a source where you note being disappointed with the replies others have received.