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One man business, you want to help people around your area, which relies on good old home town appearance and name. Word of mouth will be your biggest marketing avenue. A Globally focused website will be buried and will not draw local attraction either.

The more, JOE NEXT DOOR you look, the more successful you will be.

2 years ago I took a friend's PC Repair business and completely rebranded it from the top down. He had a good name, a website that made him look big and important and professional advertising. It failed miserably.

We stripped it down, to 'last name's, PC solutions' hired local seniors and housewives who wanted some extra money to deliver his handouts door to door. Not kids, they dump too many. We then simplified his website, got all the technical crap out of it, all the pictures of processors and IT speak. Simple terms for simpler customers.

He just opened a second location two months ago in Vancouver, same theme, same idea and it has taken off way better than when he spent thousands on marketing, SEO, etc.

He looked TOO good for local business and not good enough compared to the real big guns.

So there's a real reply if that's what you prefer. Keep It Simple Stupid - K.I.S.S. works in marketing as well as sales.