Here's the reply that you can't see that I posted to Max

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Here's the reply that you can't see that I posted to Max

AV .
This song is so appropriate, Max http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ15y_OZ9ns

I'm going to try to not be so long winded because I'm limited now to 2500 characters on my post, however long that is. Maybe I'll take it to the max, Max! Whaddayathink? :^0

How can TR put a site like this out into production? Look, I'm a tech, but seriously, I'd lose my job if I ever put a non-functional site like this into production. There isn't any communication from TR except that there might be some bugs. Well guess what? There are more than little bugs here and no one is talking about it.

I can see the number of posts going up, but can't look at them. The Captcha says the post wasn't made and apparently it was. When I looked at my profile, my real name was exposed and most of my profile was deleted.

I've supported users for years in various environments and through many upgrades, and if this was how my upgrade turned out, I would have been FIRED! Right now my character count is at 1551.

Why on earth would you want to limit the characters that someone can post? Has anyone looked at the discussions here over the years? Yes, some of us are long-winded, but are we now going to a new era where we'll have Part I and Part II posts? Is that really progress. BTW, spaces count too.

Good grief, you guys have a lot of work to do. The least you can do is keep people that post here regularly updated with the status of the upgrade. Just because you don't hear any feedback doesn't mean that everything is working. It isn't, it isn't. It is a mess.

Now, I'm down to the 900 character area so, what the hey, I might as well go for the max and see what happens. What is the thought behind segregating different countries? I thought we were a global village. Maybe its just me, but don't we all share the same technology and the same problems?

Personally, I'd like to see a global perspective, all in one place. Lets see. I have about 562 characters left.

Good gosh, I'm going to be so mad if I lose this post. It's happened to me many times here, so my advice to anyone that wants to post right now is that you make sure to copy your post to Wordpad or something like it so if it disappears on TR you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I'm down to about 240 characters now, so I think I have to cut this short. Geez, my creative genius was just about to kick in. Oh my, I'm melting, melting . . . .
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    What I have seen is when I hit 'Post Comment' the page goes to either 404 or to the most happy 'Connection Reset by Peer' or even 'Bad Gateway'.

    The site seems to work mostly in IE, partly in FF, and not at all in Chrome.

    The captcha system is not working properly, either.

    So other than the issues with pages displaying output, accepting user input, usability, timing out, and errors, it's all good.