How about a little Friday Night Music . . . .

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How about a little Friday Night Music . . . .

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Ok. I couldn't put the question mark at the end of my title because it kept telling me I should post this in questions, but I think we all need a little relief. Its been a stressful upgrade and I think its time to let our collective hair down for awhile.

There is only one rule and that is that you post your artist and then the song in your title line. Other songs by that artist would be posted under that initial post.

If you screw up and post the same song, I'm not going to boo you, but others can do it if they want. Hey. Its Friday night and I want to have a good time. Chill out. Frill it!

Heres a song I have loved forever. Vintage, but good. I think this song describes TR the best of all.


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