I own most of those.

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I own most of those.

Bill Ward
Is it sad that I've seen every one of those movies except Home Alone, the two Twiglight movies, and the two Transformers movies in the theater AT LEAST once, and for a few of them two or three times? I've watched Home Alone on TV many times, but have never seen the other four even off TV.

And I OWN at least one copy (VHS, DVD or Bluray) of all of those except Independence Day (which I DID purchase on DVD, but gave away) (some, like the Star Wars movies, I own two of, VHS and Bluray or DVD and Bluray for the particular; same with some of the Harry Potter films; the only one that I ONLY have on VHS is Titanic, which I just haven't gotten around to upgrading yet). Oh, and of course the Avengers, which isn't out on DVD or Bluray yet, but is already on the preorder list.

Might have been even more interesting, though, to have "normalized" the earnings, Jay, so that you can compare Apples-Apples.... Star Wars, for example, coming out in 1977 could NEVER have earned Avengers level money.... except that it might have, in 1977 dollars.