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I think that the UK police should be armed

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RCMP tasered a guy at Van airport a few years back, a visitor from Polcand who they claim was not responding to questioning, though video shows otherwise. He was clearly aggravated and the language barrier has since been proven where he was frustrated and unsure of what was going on. He'd been in the airport for hours and was permitted to enter Canada, then he was confused and stuck in airport purgatory trying to figure out how to proceed. He was too threatening with his tea table though!
He died on the spot and the piggers are all in court now, spewing more lies about why they lied to begin with. Defending perjury accusations because they all lied about what happened, which was proven on video, and all their lies were exactly the same.

4 RCMP with hand to hand combat training and years of service training found him threatening, and even when tasered all four pile don top of him making it impossible for him to recover from the multiple tasers.

When they realized they had killed him, they didn't make the efforts to revive him either.

Top top it all off, an off duty RCMP officer had a collision with a motorcycle and killed the rider. The RCMP member was later found to be drinking and driving. He was one of the four cops in the following video. So technically he's go TWO murders on his hands now.