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I think that the UK police should be armed

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Are you aware that if one of your citizens falls ill and the doctor wishes to check whether that illness is attributable to one of the constituents of the cocktail of chemicals in the fracking liquid, the doctor can ask to see the composition of the cocktail used in the area.

However, the doctor must sign a gagging order so that, even if the patient's problems can be proven to be directly caused by the fracking liquid leaching into the ground water that doctor can tell neither the patient nor any other physician about it!

So, nobody knows how ground water is being affected because nobody is allowed to know because nobody knows what is going into the ground so nobody can tell if it's coming out again.

I wish you joy of it. I think you are in for some nasty surprises. And you won't even know who to blame. There are exceptions in the Safe Drinking Water Act and a good chunk of your environmental laws for oil and gas firms. How dumb are you all?

Except for foreign oil companies, of course...

We, at least, have a government order that forces the companies doing fracking trials to release details of the composition of the fracking liquids used so that it can be monitored and they can be made to clean it up.