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One of the aspects of self-confidence

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I don't care about any 'street cred' that is apparently based solely on my ignorance of current slang, as evaluated by a near-total stranger in an Internet forum where I've been a member for over a decade. As I understand the usage, this is MY 'house', MY 'street', has been since '00, and I have all the credibility around here any member could aspire to. Feel free to question it, but don't expect me to care until I know how many TR points you had, I see your faded 'TR Insiders' membership card and the inactive link to your old TR Blog, and you can tell me what "The # Lie' was about.

lord_beavis says it was a joke. I suspect didn't get it for the same reason I didn't understand his use of the word 'house': I have limited exposure to the way he's using the language. No problem.