Remember asking what "social media" is for, Palmetto?

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Remember asking what "social media" is for, Palmetto?

At the time, I didn't have an answer, but I have done some research.

Facebook is for maintaining relationships with semi-estranged family and fair-weather friends, mainly so you can keep each other updated on really important stuff, such as photos of what you had for lunch. If you prefer not to know what such people eat for lunch, better skip it.

LinkedIn is about general-purpose non-specific brown-nosing. It is great for keeping those sucking-up muscles trimmed. If you don't want to suck up to anybody, better skip it.

Google+ is about finding completely random people who happen to have the same interests as you, or who produce interesting text or photographs or who attract interesting discussions or otherwise tickle your fancy. If you don't want to do that, better skip it.

Like, if someone was to fancy plants of the family Nepenthaceae, one could join this community:
or this one:
or this one:

It's all about fancy.

[EDITED: The headline punctuation saves, lives.]