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Remember asking what "social media" is for, Palmetto?

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Facebook, is a place for the insecure, the self conscious, the shut-ins and the sick to be someone they WANT to be. They can make friends that they would never be able to befriend in real life, they can get sympathy from total strangers that they consider friends (when sick, in hospital, left by a spouse etc.)

Linkedin Initially a good choice for a business networking portal. Now it has turned into Facebook for people who wish they were in business. If you don't follow suit and endorse everyone you get messages from, if you don't allow unknown people to endorse you and if you use it strictly as the tool it was designed for, you can still stand out from the crowd and gain credibility for your achievements. If you join the masses, you lose credibility and its 'a useless website.

Google+: Is a link near G-Drive where some people waste a lot of time, senselessly and without any positive outcome. If you've lost all of your pretend friends on Facebook there's Google+ where you can start again.