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Shellbot needs a phone

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I agree with all your comments but have to say that Windows Mobile, while you feel it is a toy, is actually the most widely used OS for large demanding Enterprise applications worldwide. All the high end mobiles, not retail/consumer toys, are using Windows Mobile and always have. They went from Palm OS to Win Mobile and haven't looked back. Reliability, office functionality/compatibility and security are simply unbeatable. Other devices have been looked at but never seriously considered for real enterprise use.

So when you say child's toy, rather than a technical device, it simply couldn't be farther from the truth. Sure smaller corporations and businesses may have IT guys spouting the virtues of Android and iOS, but what do they know anyway, besides what they think is the best on the street. I also proved quite recently that the IT guys aren't even aware of the high end Enterprise market anyway (as far as what devices are even available, outside of the BestBuy/FutureShop consumer junk), so they have no idea what's actually popular and commonly used for such needs.

Other than just the one comment, I agree with you.