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Shellbot needs a phone

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Amazing ! There's a few bugs to sort out, as with any new OS, bu toverall, it's a complete trip and a joy to have. Nothing better than a canuck with a Berry, it's almost a given these days as fewer and fewer people will take a bite form the poison Apple. Oh no! They don't have 136 flashlight apps and 263 music apps, but I guess I'll have to make do. I haven't connected with my Playbook yet but it seems to do the same things itself anyway. I might even ditch the playbook as the Q10 is just so damn cool! RIM all the way!

Hope you get yours soon, if you are a Berry fan, you;ll love it. All others have had slight improvments over the base models but not much, Q10 is insane fun though, and a business tool to boot!