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Shellbot needs a phone

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First of all...hi there :)

I have Virgin Mobile here in the states. I got a Kyocera Rise. It's Android 4.0 and is enough to give me what I want (Google Play, Google Talk, YM, Firefox, etc.) and has a slide QWERTY keyboard. Never could deal with a touchscreen keyboard. I need tactile points.

If you're willing to dump a lot of money into a phone, I heard that new S4 from Samsung is nice. I've not used it, but most things I've read say it's the phone that is turning the mobile phone battle with Apple around somewhat.

Just depends on what you really want. I would never go with iPhone, because I won't drop all the money into it that is required (either upfront or with a 2-year overpriced contract). And, I won't go with a Windows Phone simply because it offers me nothing I need and the look and feel of getting around just seems like a child's toy rather than a technical device.

But, that's just me.

So, what qualities are most important?