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Shellbot needs a phone

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But just a thought here Shelly did you consider buying a new battery rather than a new phone?

After all the idea of a Mobile Phone is having the ability to speak to people over the Phone System without a need for a cord to the handset. With Smart Phones less than 10% of their use is to make Phone Calls or Text. They are hardly a Mobile Phone and much more a Underpowered Computer that is useless if it was to be compared to the NB that most carry. But because they call them Mobile Smart Phones they are acceptable and after all you can play Angry Birds on them so they must be GREAT.

Though why you would exactly want to make a Bunch of Birds Angry is way beyond my limited understanding and whenever it's mentioned it causes images of Hitchcock's The Birds to appear in my mind.

Because I'm tight I have a Nokia 3510 I think as the covers are too hard to get off just to look but after replacing it's battery about a year ago it's continuing to do what I require, allows people to call me when I'm out and about. I actually don't want a Hand Held Mobile Computer which is underpowered so I just stick with what I need and don't encourage Wildlife to Attack Me.