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Shellbot needs a phone

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Not sure about the phones available there. But from the sounds of it, I'd say get Android. There's probably a LOT more Android choices, since Microsoft is "partnering" with specific phone makers. And, Android phones are a lot more reasonably priced than Apple.

As for the IT side, not sure what Android can't connect you to...unless it's like Office 365 or something. Would have to know exactly what the IT needs are to be able to say.

As for the bus app, I dunno. And as for Skype under Android, you can get it.

But, Android is the best cost alternative for a good phone that's pretty stable and gives you a well-rounded stable of applications.

And yeah, it's been too long. I'll tell you about the trials of the last few years. Been through a lot. But, I keep going despite it all.

Dunno if it's cause I'm tough, or just too stupid to quit. X-D