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Shellbot needs a phone

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I would have to beg to differ...when it comes to "Windows Phone"...dunno about "Windows Mobile".

Time Magazine, ZDNet, et al, have said in published articles (over the past two years...and as recently as April 2013) that the predominant mobile OS used on devices in the mid-to-large enterprise is iOS. Second place goes to Android.

As for it being a toy, the feel and look of it is more like the modern version of a toy called "See n Say". Besides, why would I want big squares and only see about 8 of them on my limited-sized mobile screen when (with my Android phone) I get 16 icons that I can choose from on the screen? It seems like a terribly inefficient interface...i.e.- poorly planned design.

More power to people who want it, but everything I've seen of it is inferior to my Android 4.0 device that I paid $99 for and have no contract.

I'll stick with a generation back that works better. The masses who want to be cool or trendy can go **** their money on whatever Windows Phone is sold on nowadays.