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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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AV .

But that is all gonna change now after New York and New Jersey go after the federal government for $80 billion from FEMA to rebuild the states after Hurricane Sandy. Thats a huge chunk of change for one storm. I can't wait to see if Congress approves the money. Reminds me of this. Ha ha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkRIbUT6u7Q

You won't have to pay for it my dear Aidemzo, but all the US taxpayers are going to have to chip in and help rebuild. I see a new federal "disaster tax" coming on the horizon as we can all look forward to more bizarro weather in the future! Oooh! I bet the left wingers are getting chills up and down their collective legs at the very thought of a new tax right now!