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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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If you haven't paid attention and clued in to me yet, I've been around these forums for well over a decade now. I have read your past comments and wholly agree with many of your views on the matter. The comment I had replied to may have been my own lack of comprehension but it just came across as if you were dismissing the concept because volcanoes do more damage than humans. Not to be corrective but also not to ignore the real issue, as SO MANY politicians do. It's not all about Co2 emissions either. Co2 is not the be all end all of global warming. Co2 is simply one of thousands of harmful gases that contribute to the problem. Politicians like to focus their junk science on Co2 emissions and make it a focus because it is such a harmless gas in most cases, that its very easy to downplay the significant effects on the amosphere.
The one I'm most aware of and most concerned about personally, is CO. Carbon Monoxide is literally deadly to us. It is also the #1 most dangerous vehicle emission, which AirCare centres are most focused on testing for. With new cars emitting such low CO emissions, they are actually doing away with AirCare here for passenger vehicles as of next fall (FINALL!Y!!!). Unforutnately that takes SOME money out of my pocket too, nothing unmanageable though. Politicians and political scientists are a farce, lets replace POLITICIAN with 'Liar' and you get "Liars and Liar's scientists", which is MUCH more fitting.

In Canada, we really do have a luxury of being exposed to REAL science and REAL global issues from a very young age. Schools promote science in a big way, there is little to no focus on politics or religion but a massive focus on science.

Unfortunately, Canada, as a nation, sits at the very bottom of the list when it comes to our activity to reduce or stop greenhouse emissions and reducing our carbon footprint. In fact, we are merely a tiny step above Kazakhstan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This I find embarrassing as we are a nation so proud of its natural beauty, which people travel from all around the work to enjoy. We can do more and we MUST do more, we can do better and we MUST do better, it is something we must take responsibility for as individuals. The poblem is, people DON'T take responsibility as they just look at someone else and say how much worse they are...as always in today's most pathetic excuse for society. Nobody is willing to accept personal responsibility and thus nothing gets done. If the government steps in with some ridiculous solution and mandates action, then those same people get all ruffled and *****, while those who ARE actively doing their part, are imposed upon even more.

So, forgive me if I misunderstood your comment, it certainly seemed as though you pointed a finger and concluded, 'we have nothing to worry about, compared to the effects volcanoes have'.