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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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Permafrost melts and the oceans rise in the next few days and causes the end of Life as we know it on December 21 2012 you'll be OK because there will be no one left to say I Told You So and you'll not be around to say Sorry will you?

I look at things this way the climate is getting hotter the sea levels are rising that is indisputable so it's in Humanities Best Interests to make sure that we stop things from getting over the top and killing us all. It really doesn't matter what is causing it to happen but in our own self interests we need to stop it if or we can or die trying.

There is currently a lot of untrapped water on the planet which was locked up in the poles during the last Ice Age where the ice was over 1 Kilometer Deep on both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres Poles. What's currently left is rapidly disappearing and we really do not want the consequences of it all disappearing or the changes that it will bring with it.

Currently if all Electricity Supplies where stopped in your country for a fortnight things would all but collapse if Global Warming causes the Food Supply to be adversely affected things would be far worse for Society as we know it and it really doesn't matter how high the Tax Rate in the US is everyone is going to be adversely affected.

Currently your country has Mass Die Offs of Old Trees which it can not explain and the Temp has only increased buy a really small amount. If it goes up three times the current increase in the next 100 years there will be nothing left and that is what is predicted without taking into account the Permafrost melting.