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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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maxwell edison

Hey, there are anthropogenic global warming / climate change dupes on both sides of the aisle.

I don't care who coined the term "climate change", but it was advanced (some time after it was "coined") to further the deception and/or avoid admitting that the "global warming" claims were being proven wrong; the earth has been in a cooling cycle for a dozen years.

Your article is from 2003. Okay, I'll call your 2003 article, and raise you a 1992 book, Earth in the Balance (retrieved just now from my very own book shelf).

On page 61, Al Gore actually places part of the blame for the French Revolution on climate, when he says, "....... it seems clear that climate-induced suffering in France from 1783 through 1798 played a major role in worsening the political mood in which the French Revolution took place." (He cites some Benjamin Franklin letters about an unusually think fog in France at the time. Ooooookay......)

"However, Gore goes on to say, "it seems just as clear that climate changes ........ Nonetheless, the effects of climate change on the political and social stability of civilization are powerful as we consider...... "

And on page 73, "Of course, the history of climate change is also the history of human adaptation to climate change......." (Adapt, not cap and trade).

So there you go, Neil. I think my 1992 book trumps your 2003 UK Guardian article.

How can I be sure? Be sure of what? Climate change? Or anthropogenic climate change? If it's the former, I am sure that climate patterns change naturally all by themselves. If it's the latter, I don't need to be sure. Those making the claims need to be sure, which they are not.

And their previous claims of doom and gloom have not even come close to coming true. Shall I quote from more of my books, Neil, about coastal cities being underwater in 25 years......... and so on...... ? Or should I pull out my Special Edition of National Geographic from 1984 when they predicted both environmental disasters AND the depletion of all of earth's oil supplies?

Except, of course, on page 410 (as a grand conclusion) Al Gore, the father of the modern anthropogenic global warming / climate change scam, predicts that in the fall of 2012, an anthropogenic climate-change-induced storm will bear down on the coast of New Jersey wreaking havoc and destruction ...........

(Hey, nobody around here has read the book, How do they know there's only 408 pages?)