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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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maxwell edison

Have you not been paying attention, or are you just being obtuse?

"a) what has humanity's effect been on the rate of warming?"

Answer: Somewhere between very little and none, most likely leaning towards none.

"b) can we do anything to slow it or to mitigate the effects.

Because of the answer to the first, any answer to the second question is moot. As such, any answer would fall into the NO category.

But you continue to avoid the most disturbing question:

Has the progressive movement hijacked this and all environmental issues in order to advance their own political agenda?

Answer: A resounding yes. And anyone who doesn't recognize it is either a fool and/or a dupe, or hasn't been paying attention. And there are those, of course, who realize it (although they might not acknowledge it) and they ride it for their own personal political reasons. I'm not sure which you are.