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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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Scientists spend our tax dollars trying to debunk previous conclusions, prove findings inconclusive etc. The whole idea behind science is that we don't know about everything, in fact we often prove things incorrect that were deemed correct many years before, that's just what science is. Scientists love to be proven wrong, then they have more work to do, more grants to spend etc. Then again, that is SO much better than a mindset that simply says "no" (lol, computer says 'no') and doesn't seek a better conclusion. Many people say GW is BS, fair enough, I'm open to that (in fact it would be great if it was BS) but they chalk it up to, the world will do it's thing, it's much bigger than us and we can't control it.

To me, that's as much of a cop out as saying "No, I can' t explain why, but God has his ways" when people counter religion with science.

If scientists said, "religion is a farce, science has it's ways of making things happen, don't pretend to understand it, just believe" Sure, LOL, that'll work!