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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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maxwell edison

I think you agree that the political class hijacking (see note) of the global warming / climate change discussion has, for the most part, convoluted just about any argument or any source, either in agreement or disagreement, and rendered any, so-called, conclusion moot. As such, it has no place in the political arena.

I'll point out some scientist who hasn't jumped on the global warming / climate change bandwagon, and you (and others) simply ignore his argument in favor of discrediting and dismissing him for some other reason. (Example: What kind of legitimate scientist believes in God, for Christ's sake?)

One such person, of course, is Professor William Gray of Colorado State University. We've spoken of him (and others) before.


It's quite telling that NASA's James Hanson, Mr. Global Warming Scientist, has repeatedly turned down Dr. Gray's invitation to a public discussion and debate on the question in front of the University's student body. If you put their respective arguments, support, evidence, etc. side by side, Dr. Gray wins that debate hands down. And that's precisely the reason Dr. Hansen has refused to accept the invitation.

It's all a bunch of crap, Neil; and I actually think you are beginning to realize it.

Note: Political class extends beyond self-serving politicians, and includes self-serving media, self-serving pundits, bloggers with a sense of self-importance, self-serving voters, self-serving authors, self-serving carbon credit peddlers, environmental wackos, etc.......