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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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Go to - tropical dot atmos dot colostate dot edu slash forecasts slash. Under the news section, he has an excellent paper about Hurricane Sandy. He concludes that Hurricane Sandy was not caused by anthropogenic global warming, rather it was because of Thermohaline Circulation. There is a lot of historical hurricane data that is very interesting as well.

A storm like Hurricane Sandy is rare, but there have been several almost equally destructive hurricanes to hit New York City in the past such as the Hurricane of 1821. This is the link - history1800s dot about dot com slash od slash crimesanddisasters slash a slash Hurricane-of-1821 dot htm.

I don't think CO2 emissions were an issue then, yet that was quite a freak storm as well, though it hit at low tide. Hurricane Sandy hit at high tide and during a full moon making it the perfect storm.

My conclusion is that CO2 may not be the real culprit here. It may contribute to GW/CC in some way, but historical data suggests that storms like this occur whether you have CO2 present in the atmosphere or not.


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