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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

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A individual Storm or Weather Event as such can not be put down to Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever you prefer to call it, what Global Warming Theory says is that the Storms will get more intense but long before that starts the existing storms will become more frequent.

So what was a once in a 100 year storm or at least a Storm of the same intensity as a Once in a 100 Year Storm will happen more often. Storms of that Intensity will be more common and instead of once in 100 years they may develop to once in 50 years or depending on how much warmer the atmosphere gets more common.

Blizzards will also get more common and may even be colder as the Energy that drives the Weather has more energy so things get more intense.

For Instance in 1974 Brisbane Australia experienced a once in 100 year Weather Event which led to massive flooding. The previous event which actually was worse in the amount of water dropped and spread across the flood plain which is where Brisbane is located was more severe but had less of an impact on people simply because there where fewer of them directly impacted but it was severe enough to leave a Destroyer 300 feet away from the river when the waters receded and resulted in a massive engining project to return it to the water where it could be repaired. That occurred in 1893 so the 1974 floods where about due though a few years early to what statistics said could happen.

In 2011 Brisbane again experienced severe flooding despite massive Flood Mitigation work being done and the construction and subsequent enlargement of a new dam since 1974 to supposedly stop massive waves of water running down the Brisbane River from it's catchment.

In 1974 the flooding was relatively localized to the South Eastern Corner of Queensland and only adversely impacted on those communities on the Brisbane River Flood Plain.

In 2011 the flooding was no where near as severe in the depths of water involved but it was much more severe from the point of view that it was 90% of Queensland that was impacted by flooding not just the South Eastern Corner and the flood waters ranged all the way up the east coast and through most of the inland areas. That is something that has not happened in our Recorded History but that in itself doesn't mean a lot as Australia is a very young country with records not going back all that far mostly no more than 100 years or so. That gives you some idea of just how severe the 1893 Floods in Brisbane actually where to a relatively newly established settlement.

But the point is that the Trend is getting shorter 81 years between the 1893 to 1974 Flooding event and 37 years to the next major flood event in 2011.

That in itself may not be of any importance because there is not the Historical Records to tell us if this is a common event the flooding and that we have just been lucky or that it is getting to be a more common occurrence.

What we need to do is look at older parts of the world where Accurate Records have been kept for much longer periods of time and see if there is a correlation of these events getting closer and closer together. Of course depending on where that place is there may be more than just floods to take into account.

Things like areas in the Higher Latitudes could be subject to flooding and major snow falls which have to be taken together where as places in the Tropics and Sub Tropics are very unlikely to have any Snow Falls so flooding from Severe Storms is a more likely occurrence.

There has yet to be an Planet Scientist who has claimed that any storm is the result of Global Warming that is restricted to Politicians and Media who go for the easy answer and do not rely on Science to sprout their ramblings so every storm can be attributed to other naturally occurring events. For that matter every Severe and any other storm can be contributed to Natural Events in the Atmosphere generating that Severe Weather Event, so you do not look at the actual storms but the frequency of them and that unfortunately can only be done after the event so the only way to prove that Global Warming or whatever you chose to call it is happening is after it has occurred and the Higher Temps have been recorded for many years along with the frequency of Severe Weather Events.

This is not something that happens quickly as the Planet moves to a different Time to Humans and what to us is an extremely long time is nothing but the blink of an eye to the Planet. The entire history of Humanity is but a very short time to the Planet and currently our records are not nearly far enough back to provide the required proof that some people demand.

With all Science there are those who accept it and those who deny it. A very good example of that happened within the last year where a Group of Scientists who where terrified of the Hadron Collider tried to get a Court Injunction to prevent any experiment that may have produced mini Black Holes. They argued that any Mini Black Hole that may be produced would not blink out of existence but continue to grow till it ate the planet and solar system.

The same thing happened before the first Atomic Bomb Test where a group of Scientist who where more conservative than those working on the Manhattan Project tried to prevent the first test arguing that once the Reaction started it would continue and destroy the planet. They reasoned that once the Chain Reaction started it would be self perpetuating and could never run out of energy to cause it to cease happening.

Also some people reasoned that because Internal Combustion Engines where powered by Explosions that the Internal Combustion Engine was an inherently dangerous thing and would be exploding all over the place causing untold death and destruction.

None of those 3 examples where anywhere near as bad as some people claimed that they would be and the Mass Hysteria that they generated is still with us today and rears it's head more often than many people accept.

The bottom line is that all Science is the Observation and Recording of Events and that is all that Science can ever be.

Now for some indisputable Fact the World is going to end at 12.00 PM December 21 2012. That is the Belief of a very advanced race that Inhabited the Southern Americas and who simply disappeared. As it is on the Internet and I read it there it must be true because no one would place lies or untruths on the Internet would they?

But the real message here is it's not what one or some people believe will happen, means that it is going to happen just that they believe that it will.

Sometimes that's not a bad thing and sometimes it is a terrible thing. So we need to keep in mind that everything that we experience Good or Bad will only ever be proven after it is a Indisputable Fact.